Winter Service Policy

As follows are some of the conditions we encounter trying to remove dog waste during a Michigan winter. Bare in mind, in recent years, Michigan enjoyed a mild winter and also one of the most severe in the last one hundred years.

Recent Snow Fall:
When we receive as little as a couple inches of snow, depending on the size of the waste, the snow can easily cover and hide the dog waste and make it literally impossible
for us to find.

Older Snow and Waste On Top Of It:
As you know, in Michigan, snow often remains on the ground for weeks, yet dogs continue to do their business. The waste is often easy to detect because it is dark and laying in white snow. However, removing it without taking a lot of snow with it is nearly impossible. We are able to remove waste in this scenario but it's 100 times more difficult to do so than it is in non-snowy conditions.

Waste Frozen Solid To The Surface:
There are occasions when we will get rain and then it freezes and the waste literally becomes frozen solid to the grass, concrete, deck surface, of wherever the waste is found. Sometimes, snow melts a little on a slightly warmer day, then it freezes back up and locks the waste into a snowy frozen situation. In most of these circumstances, the amount of labor involved with removing the waste is not covered by the monthly amount our clients pay us.

Winter Thaws and Periods of No Snow:
These are the conditions we live for during the winter. When there is no snow on the ground, we can usually be 100% productive. When we get a thaw after several days or weeks of snow and ice, we are allotted an opportunity to catch our clients up and will often have only a small window of a day or two in a thawing state, and we will ignore the 
normal service day and make our service appointments when we see an opening toward productivity.

Dog waste removal during winter simply can not be provided on a paced, week in week out, basis as it is in non-winter months.... I wish it could.
After 15 winters in this business, we realize winter service must be provided on a weather permitting basis, and PSQ will make the call as to what is, and is not, weather permitting. If we feel we can be productive, which is to find and remove waste, we'll be out. If the waste is frozen solid into ice and snow and it's well below freezing, there's nothing we can do. If we received recent snow fall covering all or most of the waste from view, there's nothing we can do.

The concepts of weekly or every other week service do not apply when weather interferes. Our service will be provided on a weather permitting 
basis and we ask our clients to trust our judgement or suspend service until Spring when we'll be in contact regarding a Spring cleanup. If you 
find you are unhappy with our winter service, please suspend at that point, but no refund is provided for elapsed time periods, regardless of how many visits were or were not made. By accepting winter service, you agree to this our winter service policy, and may suspend service going forward at anytime if you change your mind. The monthly rate for winter service is flat and does not vary whether we make five visits, or if conditions are consistently severe, and we provide no visits. The concept is that waste removal during a Michigan winter,is not based on visits, rather that we are responsible for all waste produced during a time period and will remove it when it's deemed possible,
in our opinion, to do so.

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